Our Services

Your vehicle is more than an A to B. It’s your ticket to a safe ride, every single day. At Right Wrench Automotive, San Antonio’s trusted independent repair shop, you can look forward to a full range of professional services, tune-ups and preventative maintenance, without the upsell.

Tire Rotation

Most motorists know the importance of pressure checks, puncture repairs, but few realize that it’s recommended to have your tires rotated every six months if you’re a frequent driver. It involves alternating each pair of wheel axels to maintain even tread wear, which improves wet weather performance, thus increasing the safety of your vehicle.

Air Conditioning

We’ve all suffered on long journeys, stifling under the midday sun with windows down and the kids screaming at you from the back. If your AC unit isn’t offering any relief, don’t try to recharge it yourself, let Right Wrench Automotive take a look. The issue could be down to a broken belt, low refrigerant levels or a damaged compressor, all easy fixed for our experienced team of mechanics.


Is your vehicle making an unusual sounds? Does it seem hard to steer under normal driving conditions? This could indicate worn shock absorbers or other suspension issues, which can drastically affect the handling of your car, not to mention its safety on the road. Call Right Wrench Automotive for a quote today.


Car batteries tend to last around 3 years in the Texas heat, but if it’s draining frequently, it could be the sign of a vehicle fault. Right Wrench Automotive carry a wide range of batteries, and can help you choose the right fit for your vehicle. Offering a mobile battery replacement service with hassle free disposal of your old battery.

Engines & Diagnostics

At Right wrench automotive, we understand how worrying that engine light can be. You instantly rush to conclusions – is my cylinder misfiring, or have I simply left the gas cap off? Don’t panic, we are here to help. Our mechanics will run a complete diagnostic service and figure out the issue causing the engine light, before fixing or replacing any parts needed.

Power Steering

Noticed your steering wheel sticking after turning off the ignition? That’s down to your vehicles power steering system which contributes to it’s responsiveness and safe operation on the road. Whether you need a fluid flush to clear out the mechanism, or a complete belt replacement, our mechanics can steer you in the right direction!

Computer Diagnostics

Modern makes and models are all now fitted with internal monitors that run the inner workings of the vehicle, to ensure optimum functionality. Faults with areas such as the ABS, brakes, engine or radiator, often causing the cars warning lights to flash on the dashboard. But thanks to our mechanics portable technology, we can diagnose most issues, and sort them out the very same day.

Give Right Wrench Automotive a call today and place your vehicle in safe hands.